Birds at Stocker's Lake near Rickmansworth

Green S.Piper (R. Chess,)
( Scotsbridge,19/12/02)
Common Tern
(Stockers Field 4/7)
Little Owl (J)A
(Stockers Fm 29/7)
Little Owl (J) B
(Stockers Fm 2/8)
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Little Ringed Plover
(Stockers Field 8/4)
Little R. Plovers Mating
(Flooded Field 1/4)
Sedge Warbler
(Inns Lake2/6)
Water Rail
(Springwell 10/1)
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Sightings for 2002

Thursday 19th. Sunny intervals, cold.
Green Sandpiper (1), Water Rail (1), Teal (4), Sparrowhawk (1)
-Scotsbridge Mill-(Half mile N. up R. Chess FP to Footbridge)

Wednesday 18th. Sunny intervals, cold.
Goosander (5M, 3F), Goldeneye (1M,5F), Little Grebe (1), Bullfinch (1F), Common Gull (c6)
-Stockers Lake
Lapwing (10), Redwing (10+), Fieldfare (c5), Lesser-black Backed Gull (1)
-Flooded Field

Wednesday 11th. Bitter E wind, very cold.
Little Grebe (1-on canal), Goldeneye (2F), Sparrowhawk (1)
-Springwell Lake (also flocks of Fieldfare and Redwing)

Tuesday 10th. Bitter E wind, snow flurries.
Goosander (5M, 1F), Goldeneye (1F).
-Stockers Lake
3 of the male Goosanders flew north at 11.20
Reported at w/e;-
Bearded Tit-Springwell Reedbed (from Canal),
Little Egret-Springwell (fish ponds)

Monday 2nd. Sunny intervals.
Goldeneye (1M,1F), Little Grebe (3),
-Inns Lake
Goldeneye (4F).
-Stockers Lake
Golden Plover (c350), Lapwing (c400), Rook (20+), Fieldfare (c10), Redwing (3+), Greater Black-Backed Gull (1)
-Fields at Mill End, (just N of Springwell Lake) and approx 200 Gulls of 5 species.
Map Ref;- TQ036936, This field has over 1000 birds on it!

Sunday 1st.Wet to Sunny Intervals.
Egyptian Goose (1+1 hybrid type), Lapwing (c50), Redwing (20+), Fieldfare (c50), Sparrowhawk (1), Kestrel (1)
Teal (2), Wigeon (6), Missle Thrush (1)

-Flooded Field
Goldeneye (1M, 3F), Siskin (100+), more Fieldfare and Redwing
-Stockers Lake

Thursday 28th.Sunny Intervals.
Lapwing (c50), Redwing (20+), Fieldfare (c100), Stock Dove (1), Meadow Pipit (2)
-Flooded Field
Goosander (2M), Goldeneye (1F), Siskin (50+), Treecreeper (1), more Fieldfare and Redwing
-Stockers Lake

Tuesday 26th.Misty start.
Golden Plover (c135),Lapwing (c170), Rook (12+), Fieldfare (c10)-Fields at Mill End, (just N of Springwell Lake)
Map Ref;- TQ036936

Monday 25th.Misty.
Lapwing (40 in field, c50 over), Kestrel (1), Fieldfare (c100)-Flooded Field (Now flooded!)
Goosander (1M), Goldeneye (4F), Siskin (150+), Treecreeper (1), more Fieldfare and Redwing-Stockers Lake

Thursday 7th.Sunny.
Little Owl (1), Sparrowhawk (1F), Barnacle Goose (1 with Canadas), Kestrel (2), -Flooded Field (Now several small pools)
Bullfinch (1F), Little Grebe (1), Fieldfare (1), Lapwing (2 over), Goldcrest (3+)-Stockers Lake (S)

Sunday 3rd.Sunny Intervals
Stonechat (1M imm), Sparrowhawk (1F), Redwing (c30), Fieldfare (c15), Green Woodpecker (3)
Barnacle Goose (1 with Canadas), Kestrel (2), Rook (2), Jackdaw (50+)
-FP S. of Stockers Farm
Lapwing (2)-Flooded Field, Stockers (Getting wetter!)

Friday 1st.Cloudy
Siskin (c100), Stock Dove (5), Goldcrest (6+)-Causeway, Stockers
Little Grebe (2+), -Inns Lake
Goldeneye (4F), Redwing (c30), Water Rail (3 heard)-Springwell Lake

Tuesday 29th.Cloudy
Lapwing (65), Stock Dove (5),-Fields by Roundabout, Mill End
Redwing (2), Missle Thrush (3), Little Grebe (3), -Canal S. of Springwell Lock

Monday 28th.Sunny quiet-several trees down after gales!
Redwing (1), Missle Thrush (2), Little Owl (1), Lesser Bk Backed Gull (1)-"Flooded" field, Stockers-(Still dry!)
Redpoll (2), Siskin (c10), Goldfinch (c20), Grey Wagtail (1)-Causeway, Stockers
Ruddy Duck (2), Water Rail (2), Kingfisher (1), -Stockers Lake

Goldeneye (1F), Teal (2), Kingfisher (1), Skylark (1)-Springwell Lake
Recent reports;-
24th-Little Egret (1), 11th, Buzzard (1), also Fieldfare (10+) and Red Crested Pochard (2) this w/e.

Friday 11th.Cloudy.
Redpoll (1F)-Stockers Lock, (in Birches by canal)
Shoveler (2), Grey Wagtail (1), Kingfisher (1), Lesser Bk Backed Gull (1)-Stockers
fewer Pochard now. Around 70 Starling by farm.

Wednesday 9th.Sunny Intervals cold E wind.
Little Owl (2 juv), Skylark (1), Meadow Pipit (2), Missle Thrush (3), -Flooded Field (=dry)
Grey Wagtail (1), Kingfisher (1), Common Gull (1), Lesser Bk Backed Gull (1)-Stockers
lots of Long-Tailed Tits again today.

Tuesday 8th.Cloudy but bright.
Swallow (3), Teal (3), Nuthatch (1), Bullfinch (1F), Kingfisher (1)
Great Spotted WP (4),
-R. Chess N of Scotsbridge Mill, Rickmansworth

Monday 7th.Cloudy start.
Siskin (15+ with Goldfinch), Great Spotted WP (2), -Stockers Lake Causeway FP
Missle Thrush (11), Reed Bunting (4), Linnet (c25), Meadow Pipit (6),
Skylark (2 over short tailed, Juv?), Jay (6)
-FP -S. of Stockers Farm

Tuesday 1st.Hazy Sunny Intervals.
Siskin (6), Long Tailed Tit (20+), Reed Bunting (2), Wigeon (2+), Great Spotted WP (4), Green WP (3)
Shoveler (2), Pochard (50+), Black Headed Gull (40), Kingfisher (1)
-Stockers Lake/Springwell Lake
Missle Thrush (4), Meadow Pipit (11), -"Flooded" Field (=dry at present!)
Fieldfare reported yesterday.

Sunday 29th.Misty start-Sunny Intervals.
Siskin (3 over Causeway), Sedge Warbler (1), Reed Bunting (1M), Swallow (c6), House Martin (c20),
Shoveler (3), Pochard (50+), Common Gull (1-2), Black Headed Gull (40+)
-Stockers Lake

Little Owl (1J), Meadow Pipit (2), Jay (2)-"Flooded" Field (=dry at present!)
Common Sandpiper reported at Tern Hide.

Wednesday 25th.Sunny Intervals.
Swallow (c20), Wigeon (2), Pochard (50+), Chiffchaff (2), Black Headed Gull (20+)
Ruddy Duck (1F), Treecreeper (1, Alderwood)
-Stockers Lake

Monday 23rd.Sunny Intervals.
Swallow (2), Wigeon (4), Pochard (40+), Shoveler (8+), Chiffchaff (2), Black Headed Gull (30+)
Meadow Pipit (3), Moorhen (1 on nest!)
-Stockers Lake/Field

Wednesday 4th.Sunny Intervals.
Hobby (1), Little Owl (2)-Stockers Farm FP@8pm

Willow Warbler (2), Blackcap (1M), -at nearby Ruislip Lido.

Tuesday 3rd.Sunny Intervals.
see Common Terns, Common Sandpiper, Goldeneye and Sand Martins at nearby Broadwater Lake.
goto Broadwater Lake page for more details.

Monday 2nd.Sunny Intervals.
Chiff Chaff (6+), Kingfisher (1), Pochard (c10), poss Reed Warbler-Stockers Lake
Garden Warbler (2), Tree Creeper (1), -Springwell Lake
Swallow (44), House Martin (2+juv, in nest).-Stockers Fm.
Terns now gone. Duck and Gull numbers increasing.

Tuesday 27th.Sunny Intervals.
Chiff Chaff (2), Sparrowhawk (1), Kingfisher (1), Common Tern (3A,2juv)
Pochard (c6),
-Stockers Lake
Swallow (20+), House Martin (2+), Linnet (10+)-Stockers Fm. and Field
Warblers now largely gone. Duck and Gull numbers increasing.

Friday 9th.Heavy Showers.
Willow Warbler (2+), Whitethroat (1), Missle Thrush (4+)-Stockers Fm. and Field
Warblers migrating through. Gadwall numbers increasing.

Sunday 4th.Sunny intervals.
Hobby (1), Little Owl (1heard,1juv)-Stockers Fm. FP at 20.55
Briefly both in the same tree!

Friday 2nd.Sunny intervals.
Pochard (1M, 4F)-Stockers Lake.
Duck numbers increasing now.
Little Owl (1+1juv), Jay (2)-Stockers Fm. FP at 20.40

Monday 29th.Sunny and HOT.
House Martin (c50), Kestrel (1F), Little Owl (1+2juv, 9pm)-Stockers Fm.
Pochard (2), Tufted Duck (c100, inc F+2juv)-Stockers Lake.
The field is now bone dry-no waders etc!

Saturday 20th.Sunny intervals, warm.
Hobby (1-2A, 2Juv), Little Owl (2-3juv), Jay (2)-FP south of Stockers Fm.@21.00

Wednesday 10th.Sunny intervals, showers.
Treecreeper (2A,2Juv, by Scrape Hide),-Stockers Lake
Grey Wagtail (1A,2Juv), Black-Headed Gull (3), Linnet (6)-Flooded Field

Monday 8th.Cloudy showers.
Kingfisher (2 from Shoveler Hide), Goldcrest (1A,1juv), Whitethroat (3 juv),
Wren(1A,3Juv), Common Tern (6+A, 6+juv),
-Stockers Lake

Sunday 7th.Cloudy to Sunny Intervals.
Common Tern (2A, 1juv), Little Ringed Plover (1A, 1 Juv), Lapwing (c10), Black Headed Gull (1)-Flooded Field

Thursday 4th. Sunny to cloudy.
Little Owl (2 juv), Starling (c150), Green Woodpecker (4) -Stockers FP (19.30-21.00)
Common Tern (2A, 1juv), Little Ringed Plover (3), Lapwing (25), Black Headed Gull (1)-Flooded Field

Monday 1st. Rain at first, to cloudy.
Common Tern (2A, 3juv), Little Ringed Plover (2), Lapwing (2), Black Headed Gull (2)
Gadwall (1F)
-Flooded Field (Now mostly dry!)
Lesser Whitethroat (1juv by Boardwalk), Sand Martin (2), Swift (c80), Pochard (1F,1Juv) -Stockers Lake
Ducks are a bit scarce, Tufted (c25), Mallard (30+) plus the Pochard and Gadwall.

Sunday 30th. Sunny intervals.
Common Tern (2A, 2juv just hatched), Little Ringed Plover (3), Lapwing (10), Black Headed Gull (1)
Yellow Wagtail (1),
-(seen by Tony S.)-Flooded Field (Now mostly dry!)
Treecreeper (2+), Garden Warbler (2juv), Bullfinch (1M) -Alderwood, Stockers Lake

Wednesday 12th. Sunny intervals.
Shoveler (1M, (in eclipse) -from Kingfisher Hide), Garden Warbler (5+), Greylag Geese (3+)
Common Tern (5 juv -from Tern Hide)
-Stockers Lake
Little Ringed Plover (2), Lapwing (3)-Flooded Field

Sunday 8th. Cloudy to light rain.
Little Ringed Plover (1), Lapwing (3), Kestrel (1),-Flooded Field
Hobby (1), Swift (50+), Greylag Geese (6+) -Stockers Lake
There were 3 Little Ringed Plovers on field at 9pm and c150 Starling.

Sunday 2nd. Sunny warm.
Little Ringed Plover (1), Lapwing (2), Greylag Geese (8),-Flooded Field
Hobby (1), -Springwell Lake
Pheasant (M,F,2+juv), -Springwell Lane entrance (Sheep Paddock by car repair works)

Wednesday 29th. Sunny intervals. (Evening visit 20.20-21.30)
Egyptian Goose (2), Little Ringed Plover (1), Lapwing (2), Greylag Geese (8)
Hobby (1),
REPORTED Little Owl (1)-Flooded Field

Monday 27th. Long Sunny intervals.
Egyptian Goose (1 on slipway, Bury Lake Sailing Club),
Garden Warbler (1)
-Causeway, Stockers Lake

Garden Warbler (1)-Inns Lake Footbridge
Little Ringed Plover (1), Lapwing (1), Greylag Geese (3)-Flooded Field

Cuckoo (2-3), Reed Warbler (10+), Sedge Warbler (4+)-Springwell Lake/Reedbed

Sunday 26th.Heavy Showers.
Pheasant (7 juv), Garden Warbler (2), Grey Wagtail (2 juv),
House Martin (c50), Swift (20+)
-Stockers Lake
Lapwing (1), Greylag Geese (30+ ferals)-Flooded Field

W/E 18-19th. Reports from Tern Hide list.
Black Tern (2) - Stockers & Bury Lake
Egyptian Goose (1), Common Sandpiper (1) -Flooded Field

Saturday 4th. Fine sunny intervals.
Lesser Whitethroat (1 heard), Garden Warbler (2), Grey Wagtail (1),
House Martin (c50), Swift (4+)
-Causeway, Stockers Lake
Little Ringed Plover (2), Gadwall (7)-Flooded Field

Wednesday 1st. Fine sunny.
Garden Warbler (3), Grey Wagtail (3), Cuckoo (1 heard)-Causeway, Stockers Lake, Springwell Lake
Whitethroat (1M), Pochard (2 over)-Springwell Lake

Tuesday 30th. Wet but brighter evening.
Wheatear (2-M & F), Gadwall (6) Lapwing (3), Stock Dove (1)-Flooded Field@6.40
Hobby (1), Swallow (50+), House Martin (100+),-Bury Lake
Ruddy Duck (1F)-Stockers Lake

Monday 29th. Showery.
Sedge Warbler (12)-round Stockers Lake

Birdguides Report;- Arctic Tern

Sunday 28th. Showers.
LR Plover (1), Gadwall (7) Lapwing (1), Linnet (2)-Flooded Field
Swallow (30+), House Martin (c10), Swift (6), Sedge Warbler (6+), Reed Warbler (2),
Common Tern (11+), Tree Creeper (2)
-Stockers Lake
Cuckoo (heard)-Springwell Lake
Reported;-Grasshopper Warbler (1)-TOCH Campsite

Friday/Sat 26/7th. REPORTED.
Garganey (1M), Little Egret (1 over)-S. Stockers

Friday 12th. Fine sunny.
LR Plover (2), Swallow (2), Lapwing (1), Linnet (4), Wigeon (1M)-Flooded Field
Shoveler (10+), Blackcap (12+), Chiff Chaff (3+), Goosander (1F reported)-Stockers Lake
Green Sandpiper (1), Snipe (1)-Springwell Lake Boardwalk,-(flooded field towards Maple Lodge)
Green Sandpiper (2), Common Sandpiper (1) reported by others.

Thursday 11th. Fine sunny breezy.
Swallow (1), Lapwing (1), Linnet (1), Wigeon (1M)-Flooded Field
Shoveler (10+), Blackcap (3+), Chiff Chaff (3+), Goldcrest (1), Stock Dove (1)-Stockers Lake

Tuesday 9th. Mostly cloudy.
Swallow (2), Little Ringed Plover (1), Linnet (2)-Stockers Farm & Field
Goosander (1M,1F)-Stockers Lake

REPORTED;- Common Sandpiper (1)-Springwell from Boardwalk
REPORTED;- Kittewake (1)-Stockers old Tern Raft

Monday 8th. Sunny intervals later.
Little Ringed Plover (3), Black Headed Gull (1), Gadwall (4), Wigeon (1M)-Flooded Field
Snipe (5-flooded field towards Maple Lodge), Sand Martin (4)-Springwell Lake

Friday 5th. Sunny evening visit.
Little Ringed Plover (4, at 19.20), Grey Wagtail (1), Teal (2), Gadwall (2), Wigeon (1M),
Jackdaw (63 over), Pied Wagtail (6)
-Flooded Field

Thursday 4th.Hazy sun.
Nearby at Harefield;-
Sand Martin (6), Grey Wagtail (2)-Canal at "Coy Carp" PH

Sedge Warbler (1M), Kingfisher (1 at nest),
Greylag Geese (5)
-Broadwater Lake, (behind Sailing Club)

Easter Monday 1st.Cloudy.
Little Ringed Plover (2, mating), Wigeon (1), Teal (1))-Flooded Field.

Greylag Geese (5 over)-Springwell Lake

Fieldfare (30-40), Skylark (3)-FP S of Stockers Farm.


Easter Sunday 31st.Cloudy, spots of rain.
Sand Martin (13)-Springwell Lake by Canal,
Wigeon (1), Missle Thrush (1))-Flooded Field.(Willows)
Chiff Chaff (3), Blackcap (4), Goosander (1F)-Stockers,

Saturday 30th.Tern Hide sightings.
Common Redstart (1), Little Owl (1)-Flooded Field.

Sunday 24th.E-Mail Report from HP.
Wigeon (50), Teal (2), Canada Geese (6)-Flooded Field.(7am)
Goosander (1M,4F), Goldeneye (5F,1M), Grey Wagtail (1M,1F)
Bullfinch (2), +Reed Buntings and Chiff Chaff
-Stockers Lake

W/E 15/16th.Reported.
Little Ringed Plover(1)-Flooded Field.

Thursday 14th.Cloudy, cold E Wind.
Wigeon (40), Teal (2), Lapwing (1), Stock Dove (2)-Flooded Field.
Chiff Chaff (3- 1@Shoveler Hide, 2 near Scrape ), Siskin (4+), Goosander (1M, 1F), Goldeneye (1M, 4F)-Stockers,
Wildfowl numbers dropping, most Gadwall have gone, still good numbers of Shoveler.

Saturday 2nd.Cold but Sunny.
Fieldfare (80+), Linnet (4)-fields above Stockers Farm.
Redpoll (6 ), Siskin (10+), Goosander (5M, 2F), Goldeneye (3M, 7F), Tree Creeper (2)-Stockers,
Teal (20+), Snipe (1)-behind Springwell Lake.

Wednesday 13th. Sunny start.
Redpoll (6 on seed heads, Boardwalk), Siskin (10+), Goosander (2M, 2F),
Goldeneye (4F), Heron (several Juveniles have left nests)
Lapwing (115) -on Flooded Field recently.
Stock Dove (2) -Investigating nest box at back of Springwell Lake.

REPORTED on 12th;Peregrine seen over Springwell Lake

Friday 8th. Rain to Cloudy.
Little Egret (1), Redpoll (1), Siskin (30+),
Goosander (3M, 4F), Goldeneye (1M, 9F)
Linnet (20+), Fiedfare (c50)-Fields at Stockers Farm
(Little Egrets-2, reported also Smew-2M and 3F)

Sunday 3rd.Cloudy to Rain.
Redpoll (3+), Siskin (100+ in flocks of 50 - 80), Water Rail (1 on River),
Goosander (5M, 4F one pair seen mating), Goldeneye (3M, 5F)

Sunday 20th.E-Mail REPORT from Howard P.
Little Egret (1 @10am)-North side, Stockers, seen from Shoveler Hide

Sunday 13th.Sunny Later.
Little Owl (1@4.30pm) -FP at Stockers Farm
Goosander (3M, 3F), Goldeneye (1F+)-Stockers Lake (Still some ice)

Thursday 10th.Sunny Spells.
Smew (2M+4F), Goldeneye (1M), Water Rail (1 on river), Little Grebe (3 on canal) -Springwell Lake
Bullfinch (2 pair), Lapwing (70+ over)-Stockers Lake (Still mostly frozen over)

Wednesday 9th.Sunny Spells.
Smew (4F), Water Rail (1), Little Grebe (2) -Springwell Lake
Smew (1F), Goosander (3M, 2F)-Stockers Lake (Still mostly frozen over)
Stonechat (1M), Bullfinch (1M)-FP south of Stockers Farm

REPORTED Red Kite (2 over)

Tuesday 8th.Cloudy
Golden Plover (100+), Lapwing (100+)- Mill End (Fields by A412)

Monday 7th.Less Foggy
Siskin (30+)- Causeway, Stockers Lake (Still mostly frozen over)
Smew (1M), Water Rail (1 on the ice) -Inns Lake (N. End from Springwell Lane)

Sunday 6th. Foggy
Water Rail (1), Fieldfare (6), Meadow Pipit (1)- Stockers Lake (Still mostly frozen over)
REPORTED Smew (2F) -Inns Lake (N. End from Iron Bridge)

Little Egret (1), Green Sandpiper (1), Goosander (M&F), Water Rail (1),
Goldcrest (1+), Tree Creeper (1)
- R. Chess, N. of Scotsbridge, Rickmansworth
TQ 061958 (Click for map).

Saturday 5th. Misty
Goldeneye (2M), Water Rail (1), Fieldfare (3)- Stockers Lake (Still mostly frozen over)

Sightings for 2001 etc.

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